New non-profit supporting medical research into HUWE1-related genetic conditions


LATEST: Louie's HUWE is officially an approved 501c3 nonprofit! 

Louie is a little boy with a HUWE1-related genetic condition. Louie's parents recently had a nonprofit organization approved in the US - Louie's Huwe. With a fantastic team including medical and genetic experts, Louie's Huwe has recently been established and HUWE1.org is supporting this.

The core purpose of Louie's Huwe is to support medical research into HUWE1-related genetic conditions and to develop treatments for issues faced by Louie and other children and adults like him around the world.

Through science and medical advancements, Louie's Huwe aims to better lives with discoveries that will help children and adults living with these conditions as well as future babies that are diagnosed.

Want to help out?

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Want to find out more about Louie's Huwe?

Please do get in touch - we would love to hear from people who want to find out more about volunteering opportunities or ways to further our community.